Secrets of MT4: Help You Stack Cards in Your Favour!

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Secrets of MT4: Help You Stack Cards in Your Favour!

MT4 is commonly used in forex trading but do you know it comprehensively? As such, WikiFX unveils several secrets of MT4 as follows to help you find forex brokers suitable for you!To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.

  Quantity and location of MT4 server

  1) MT4 servers of giant forex brokers are often located in the U.S. or the U.K., followed by EU member states or Singapore.

  2) The quantity of official MT4 servers is generally more than three.

  Influences of the distance from servers on forex trading

  The shorter the distance from servers is, the faster the execution of trading will be. Trading orders have to be transferred to servers for processing once they are made, leading to the situation where the execution time must be affected by the distance from servers, making a delay inevitable.

  Data processing centre of MT4 servers

  It can solve the above-mentioned delay. As a proxy server, the data processing centre saves the connecting time between clients and main servers, completing the order processing in a direct manner. Therefore, the work efficiency of MT4 servers can be enhanced.

  In addition, this centre still works to strengthen the protection on trading when main servers are intruded into.

  You can ask forex brokers about the way they set up their servers and data processing centers, thereby identifying whether they are reliable based on this information!

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