Mobile App Optimization Techniques That Work

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Mobile App Optimization Techniques That Work

With the latest developments in mobile connectivity, the number of people using mobile apps and the number of uses for smartphones is increasing every day. Other than through word of mouth and promotions, people mostly discover new mobile applications directly on app stores, specifically on Google Play and App Store. As a result, the need to optimize new applications for higher rankings in these stores becomes increasingly important.To get more news about App Installs Optimization, you can visit official website.

The application store algorithms take into account several criteria for classifying and ranking mobile applications. Among these are the build quality of the application, the optimization of keywords, and most importantly, the number and quality of reviews and comments. These are all elements that need to be worked on for increased positive exposure — whether you design the app yourself or hire an app development company.
Thus, good SEO techniques have to be put in place. In order to achieve the desired results, app optimization must include the following characteristics:

What is ASO?
While SEO makes it possible to rank your websites in search engine results, ASO, or app store optimization, aims to achieve the same goal for your mobile applications in application stores. In other words, ASO encompasses the methods, techniques, and levers through which a mobile application can appear in the first positions of the results when a mobile user performs an application search.

ASO is a skill that has emerged precisely in order to help app publishers use the levers that improve the visibility of their applications, and therefore, downloads. Publishers were quick to grasp the importance of this form of natural ranking, and soon enough influenced the emergence of the first ASO agencies.

But how exactly does ASO work? It is based on the same model as SEO, except it is less complex in nature. Practicing ASO requires going back to the basics of natural optimization, especially with regards to keywords, but other criteria also come into play.
The main difficulty for mobile applications is that the ranking criteria are not the same for each mobile marketplace and that they also evolve regularly. In terms of ASO, we will notice significant differences in the criteria of the two main competitors on the market — App Store and Google Play — as we read in this article. We also note that the Google algorithm is more precise and more advanced than its counterpart — something which would not surprise SEO specialists!

While analyzing these ASO ranking criteria, two things can be noticed: firstly, the successful positioning of an application on a mobile marketplace depends on a mix of control (the relevant choice of keywords) and chance (Will the app run? Will it be downloaded enough times to get it to the top spots).

Encouraging users to download your application must be effective and for that, it should meet the positioning criteria of Apple and Google, which are quite different in the way that they approach optimization. For instance, Apple has a less complex and simpler method of optimization. Both, however, put good and repetitive use of keywords at the forefront of ranking requirements.

Once you have decided on the keywords with the highest “downloader intent,” start introducing your keywords in the title tags and description. However, be careful not to over-optimize these fields, as Apple has often punished the overuse of keywords. Favor a short title, with the main keyword to generate traffic so that the application is easily identifiable by Apple.

It takes great commitment and hard work to create an app that users will want to download. The weight of the application is also a significant element in ASO because mobile users do not like applications that are complicated and energy-consuming. As a result, they will be less likely to download applications that require a large storage space as well as a significant download time.

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