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Product Certification: CCC

Basic Parameters:
Rated Voltag: 300V
Rated The Working Temperature: 60℃、75℃、90℃
Executive Standard: VDE 0282

Conductor Structure:
Insulation Material: EPR
Jacket Material: CPE

Product Properties:
1. SJ/SJO/SJOW/SJOO/SJOOW is of certain weather resistance and oil resistance, and is suitable for application in outdoor or the case of exposure to oil pollution.
2. The cable is of high flame resistance, and can meet the FT2 requirements on horizontal flame of single cable.
3. When the temperature is 20°C, the insulation resistance between insulated cores shall meet the following requirement: as for W-type cable.

This product is suitable for rated voltage 300V and below the exchange of light power, household appliances, electric tools and
a variety of mobile electrical equipment and tools to use cables.
Type No.of Cores Section(mm²)

Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co. Ltd . is specialized in research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of rubber-sheathed cables as core products. Its products have been used widely in air conditioning, home appliances, wind power generation, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, building machinery, port machinery, petrochemical industry, marine engineering, vehicles and vessels, robot and power-driven tools. Rifeng currently has facilities of more than 200,000 sq. meters . It has more than 30 patents granted by the state and been successfully listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the code 002953 on May 9th, 2019.

For more descriptions,please click http://www.rfcable.com.cn/en.

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